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Speculaas I
Cut up 150g of butter in 200g of flower (with 5g of baking powder).  Add 125g brown sugar, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 tablespoon of milk or water, and 10 g of speculaas spices.  Mix it all up quickly to a smooth dough. 
You can (if you wish) mix in 50-100g of chipped almonds and/or let the dough rest for a night to allow it to absorb the flavours of the spices.
Dust the speculaasform with flower, push the dough into the figures en cut away the excess dough with a knife.  Knock the dough out of the form.  Lay it on a buttered baking tin, and allow the speculaas to bake evenly light brown in a medium hot oven.
Speuclaas II (thick slices)
Prepare a dough as in the first recipe, but diminish the butter to 100g, and use 2 tbsps of milk.  Put the dough on a greased baking tin as a layer of 1cm thick.  You may add some halved almonds if you like.  Put it in a slow moderate oven for 45-60 minutes.  Let it cool down, and break the speculaas in big pieces.
Filled speculaas
Sift 250g of flower with 1 tsp of baking powder.  Mix it with 150g of brown sugar, 1,5 tbsp of speculaasspices and a small tsp of salt.  Add 175g of butter and, together with 1,5tbsp of milk, mix it to a smooth dough.  Let it rest for a night.  Roll it out to a thickness of 5mm, and cut in to equal pieces. 
Transfer one part onto a greased baking tin.  Grease with some egg and cover it with 350 g of almond spice.
Roll this out, and grease with egg again.  Cover it with the second layer of dough and push some halved almonds in.  Bake it for 40minutes in a moderate oven. 
Let it cool down a bit, then turn the baking tin over and remove the speculaas carefully.  When it has cooled down completely, cut it into equal pieces. 
Source : HAITSMA MULIER-VAN BEUSEKOM.  Culinaire encyclopedie.  Amsterdam/Brussel, Elsevier, 1957

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